St. Paul's Lutheran School

Registration is required annually for every student. The registration fee is equivalent to one month tuition and covers books and student materials for that school year. New student registrations must pay at least 50% of the registration fee when the registration form is turned in with the balance due by July 1st of that year. The registration fees for any applications after July 1 are due in full when the registration form is turned in.

Application for School Enrollment

St. Paul's also offers part-time classes for home-schooled students. The classes currently offered are P.E., choir, band, science, and art. Contact the school office if you are interested in part-time enrollment.

St. Paul's Childcare Center

All forms required by St. Paul’s Childcare Center must be submitted before admission to childcare will be allowed. These forms will include a St. Paul’s Childcare registration form and an immunization form. The immunization form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Parents must notify us of any change of address, place of employment, or phone number so we can reach them in case of emergency.

There is a registration fee for all students using childcare, either full time, part time or drop in.

Application for Childcare Enrollment