Teachers: Terri Kleinfeldt & Tammi Larsen
Grade: Preschool (2 classes)

What do we teach Preschoolers?

Our Preschoolers are experiencing the school setting for the first time, so we are mostly introducing classroom expectations and rules. Preschoolers will learn to follow routines, obey teachers, raising hands, using words to express themselves, walking in a line, share, introduce the children to school schedules, routines, five ways to be a good listener, etc.   Letters, sounds, colors, identifying letters in name, basic calendar skills, recognizing numbers, Bible stories, are all introduced at the Preschool level. 

What curriculum is used in this class?

We have developed a “Scope and Sequence” for our Preschool and Pre K. This gives the teachers a set of learning/teaching goals. Our objectives are set as we begin our planning, but the curriculum comes from what the teachers gather in order to meet those goals and objectives. We have files, shelves, and online boards full of reputable materials and resources, and we add to it everyday. With our education, and experience we are able to aptly choose the materials that we incorporate in our well-rounded curriculum. We do utilize materials from Saxon when teaching how to write letters and numerals. Voyager curriculum is included in Bible lessons.

What field trips does this class take? 

The Preschoolers go to the Library once a month.  Other activities for the Preschoolers include visits from Ballard Ambulance, The Fire Department, and the Wenatchee Police Department.  We also enjoy special assemblies throughout the year.

What special things are done in this class that are not done in other classes?

At the beginning of the year, each family has a project that earns a PIP hour. I send home a cardboard cutout shape of a person. Families can get creative and make the shape look like their child,  ( my student). We use the little person to decorate our hallway and to mark where their artwork goes on the bulletin board. Preschool also enjoys Clifford the Big Red Dog Day, Big Bird Day, and Cookie Monster Day. These special days help us with color recognition, and other skills. We make applesauce on Applesauce Day and celebrate with a Johnny Appleseed Party. We also make Stone Soup in the Fall.

What theme days or special weeks does the class enjoy? 

In addition to Clifford the Big Red dog day, Big Bird Day, and Cookie Monster Day, we include Thanksgiving Feasts, Stone Soup Day, Christmas parties, Christmas Musical (All campus), Penguin Day, Northwest Lutheran Schools Week, Spring Musical (All Campus), Easter Celebrations, Apple Blossom Parade (all campus), Youth Day Apple Blossom Performance, (All Campus) Mother’s Day Tea, Jog-a-thon, (all campus), Drop in Day for Dads , AND the End of the Year Carnival.

Teacher Comments:

I feel like our kids feel very comfortable and connected here. I really see that they feel like they are with “family” when they are here at school. I see children very confident when trying new skills.

Special Times:

I had a Preschool student who, at first, had a very hard time coming in to class. It was hard to leave mom or dad in the mornings. She seemed to relax as she enjoyed the stories that we read each morning. We noticed that she loved looking at books during Choice Time. She would go to the book shelf and choose a book. She would pretend to be the teacher as she read and showed the pictures to an imaginary class. Books became her way of playing “school” with other students, and later, she would “read” to us teachers and/or classmates.  Before long, we noticed that her coming into school became a much easier experience for her. She is now a Pre-K student and still loves “reading” her books and enjoys coming in to class. She is now sight reading some words. We have enjoyed observing the growth that we’ve witnessed in her and the other students.