Parent In Participation (PIP)

St. Paul’s Lutheran School requires each family to volunteer a few hours per trimester towards school activities and events. Parents agree to participate fully in the PIP program by giving of their time and talents through a variety of opportunities:

  • time spent in classrooms

  • field trip driver

  • serving on boards or committees

  • time spent outside the classroom on special projects

  • office assistance

  • other opportunities arranged with your child’s teacher or the school office

PIP Hours

The required number of PIP hours are as follows:

  • Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten: 6 hrs each Trimester / 18 total*

  • Young 5 & Half-Day Kindergarten: 8 hrs each Trimester / 24 total*

  • Full-Day Kindergarten & Grades 1-and-Up: 10 hrs each Trimester / 30 total*

PIP hours may be completed by a parent/guardian, grandparent, sibling (age 13-or-older), or other family member or family friend. It is up to each family to keep track of and record their PIP hours. There are pink forms outside of every classroom door for your convenience to post your hours. Teachers do not keep track of PIP hours or write them down unless they make arrangements with the parent/family. PIP hour status updates will be sent home periodically throughout the school year.

A fee of $40.00 per hour will be assessed for any hours not submitted at the end of each trimester. This money will be deposited in the school general fund and is part of the tuition contract parents sign and return each year. If parents have multiple children enrolled, they need only to fulfill the hours listed for the oldest child. Scholarship families: check your award letter to see your PIP hours for the year. Additional PIP hours may be added for repeated unexcused tardies. Please read the attendance FAQ for details on PIP hours added for frequent tardies.