School Philosophy and Purpose

It is of paramount importance to us to maintain a high standard of quality education. It is our desire to accept all applicants, however, parents should keep in mind classes do fill up quickly and enrollment is limited to availability of staff and space.

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes employ both a teacher and a full-time aide. Kindergarten and elementary grades utilize parent involvement to assist the teacher.

St. Paul's Lutheran School is a ministry of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. We exist to give honor and glory to God. By His grace we endeavor to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, manifest the unity of our faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior, and foster Christian education for our students.

Our private school's primary focus, in conjunction with an outstanding educational experience, is to provide both the means and opportunity for the religious education and spiritual development of each student.

Therefore, St. Paul's Lutheran School will:

  • Provide daily nurturing of the child's spiritual life.
  • Help the child develop Christian knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Strive to meet each child's spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and academic needs.
  • Nurture the child's personal gifts and talents.
  • Provide the child with opportunities for social interaction through wholesome Christian fellowship.


Childcare Center Philosophy

We feel that in order to provide the best education possible, it is necessary that Christianity permeate the entire curriculum and all activities. St. Paul’s Childcare Center is here to continue these goals and to assist our school families who need before and after school care.

With this in mind, our child care program objectives are to assist:

  1. the child in his/her relationship with God.
  2. the child in the growth of a positive self-concept.
  3. the child in the growth of a positive relationship with others.
  4. the child in the growth of his/her understanding of the world around them.
  5. the child in his/her physical development.
  6. our school families in their need for before-and-after school care.

St. Paul’s Childcare Center is operated by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School. The goal of our childcare program is to provide a quality Christian environment for the children enrolled. Therefore we will include Christian training within our program. Prayers, Bible stories, and other religious activities are included in our daily schedule.