Teacher: Charyl Baziak

Second Grade Subjects and Curriculum

St. Paul's second graders study Religion, Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, P.E., and Music.  St. Paul's students are encouraged to start band instruction in second grade.  The religion curriculum is Concordia One In Christ.  The curriculum we use for math is Saxon.  Reading textbooks are Harcourt Hidden Surprises and Journeys of Wonder.  The social studies textbook is Harcourt Horizons – People and Communities. 

Second Grade Field Trips and Activities

During the school year the class may visit the Chelan County Courthouse as well as taking monthly trips to the Wenatchee Public Library.  Students may also explore Saddle Rock on a guided geological and botanical tour.  Second graders start swimming lessons and will make weekly trips to the YMCA Aquatic Center over a six week period.  We also attend various educational performances that take place at local venues.  Other special activities include: Flat Stanley and Rainforest projects.  Second graders may build an "exploding" volcano and a gingerbread house.

Special Programs

Mission Ridge Ski Day is a physical education high point during the school year.  Many second graders mount skis for the first time and take a two hour lesson from one of the Mission Ridge instructors.  By the end of the day, they are usually riding the rope tow and skiing independently.  Second graders also benefit from a very "hands on" STEAM science program taught by Kris Sullivan.  

Celebrations and Themes

All St. Paul’s students participate in a special week called National Lutheran School’s Week.  Second graders let down their hair...and their socks during this special week.  They participate in Crazy Hair Day, Crazy Sock Day, as well as days for funny hats and sports themes.  The Thanksgiving Feast brings guests and visitors together with the student body to sample a seasonal menu that the kids love.

Second graders play a large role in the production of two annual musicals - one at Christmas and the other just before Easter.

Miss Baziak Says:

"I believe that this school is one of Wenatchee's best kept secrets.  St. Paul's is a safe and inviting atmosphere with high academics.  St. Paul's is a school where your child will flourish."

A Special Memory

On the first day of school 2015, Sadie was missing.  She was living in Germany, but was returning to St. Paul's in October to start school late.  The students talked about her and missed her every day.  She was included in many conversations throughout the day.  The second graders could not wait for her to return so they could catch her up on all of the exciting topics being taught in our classroom.  On the day of Sadie's return, the second grade cheered, laughed, and celebrated her with many hugs and smiles.  St. Paul's School internalizes in the students a sense of relationship and community which makes every student feel important and loved.