St. Paul's Lutheran School, unlike many public schools, offers music education for students grades 1-and-up. Our music program teaches students fundamentals of music, and performance skills, as well as refining individual music talents.

Elementary School Music Program


Band is optional and takes place before school twice each week. Students in band are required to provide their own instrument and book, and to maintain proper care of their instrument. There is also an additional band participation fee that covers registration for the online Smart Music computer program.  Band is also offered as a part-time class for home-schooled students.

  • Beginning Band - Beginning band is offered to students in 3rd grade or those starting on an instrument for the first time. Instruments include brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Band - Students who have had at least 1 year experience on their instrument are eligible to join the intermediate/advanced band. If a student decides to change instruments, then they would attend beginner band until the instructor determines he/she is proficient enough to move up a level.


Choir is part of our all-school curriculum and is graded. All students in grades K-and-up participate in choir. The annual events in which the choir performs include: Christmas Service, School Musical, and the end of the year Spring Concert. There may also be other performance events varying from year to year. Choir is available to home-schooled students as a part-time class.

School Musical

Each year as part of our choir program, St. Paul's puts on a musical with a Christian theme. Please see our School Calendar for performance dates and times.

ECE Music Program

Students at the ECE Campus participate in annual Christmas Service & Spring Sing performances. Our teachers and staff incorporate lessons with the curriculum to enhance the overall educational experience. Singing, brief solos, and brief speaking parts are learned. Parents, family, and family friends are welcome to come and enjoy our annual performances.

Please see our School Calendar for performance dates and times.