Physical Education

At St. Paul's Lutheran School we believe physical education is an important part of every child's development and well-being. The main objective of our curriculum is to encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our Young 5 and Kindergarten students have P.E. once a week, while grades 1-and-up have P.E. twice a week. The classes are conducted by our P.E. Specialist, where the children do a variety of group exercise and fitness programs. P.E. is also offered as a part-time class for home-schooled students.


Beginning with students in our 2nd Grade class we offer swim lessons as a supplement to our regular P.E. program. On scheduled days, students are transported to the local YMCA to receive instruction from their certified teachers/lifeguards.

Field Day

Every spring our students have an opportunity to compete against the other Christian Schools in the area, and demonstrate their physical gifts. Several hundred students perform in running, jumping, throwing, and team-based events. It is a great opportunity for social interaction and for St. Paul's to gauge the success of its athletics program.

Sports Programs

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St. Paul’s after-school sports program is an extension of the overall philosophy of the school. We view organized sports as a platform for developing athletic, social and spiritual skills. As teachers and coaches, we seek to develop the values which determine the athlete's relationship with self, others and ultimately with God.

Participation in the organized sports program is voluntary. It is also a privilege, and participants are responsible for being courteous and showing good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field. 

For grades 4-and-up, boys and girls at St. Paul's may participate in our basketball program. The boys and girls each have their own team, and games are arranged with other Christian Schools in the area. A highlight for the students at the end of the season is a game against the school staff and another against their parents.

We have also had a soccer program for grades 4-and-up. Soccer is co-ed and like our basketball program, games are arranged with the area's Christian Schools.